Why Use an HBASET Builder Member?  You may (or may not) get the lowest bid from an HBASET member, but your reasons to use a particular contractor should go much beyond the dollar amount. The following are reasons why, when you choose a member of the HBASET for your project, you can be rest assured that you won’t be regretting the choice.


HBASET Builder Members are Professionals
• They have the necessary licenses for their profession.
• They carry insurance - not only protecting their own business, but also your project.
• They keep up to date on the industry and consumer trends.
• They commit to a standard of ethics in the conduct of their business.
• They invest time and money into taking classes that improve their abilities.
• They are updated on the changes in state and local building codes and ordinances


HBASET Builder Members are Community-Minded
• They may be your next-door neighbors, and they live in and care about their, and your community.
• They volunteer in community service projects.
• They have built homes for injured veterans returning home.
• Like you, they want a healthy, safe, caring community for their kids to grow up in.


Acadian Dream Homes                      409-454-2271

Accent Beach Homes                         409-651-0792

Anderson-Petit, LLC                           409-860-3133

Armour General Contractors               409-892-5015

Artisan Southern Homes, LLC             409-673-6943

Aulbaugh Construction                      409-781-9349



B-E Development, Inc.                      817-454-9200

Bart Nichols Construction                   409-937-5713

Baxsen Builders, LLC                         409-658-3619

Bevilacqua Construction                    409-553-7613

Brett West Custom Homes, LLC          409-540-6392



DRC Construction, LLC                       409-223-1420

Diamond D Development                   409-790-3656

Don Lightfoot Home Builders              409-769-5484



Guseman Enterprises, LLC                 409-866-2374



IH Homes                                         409-651-3072

Imani Quality Concepts                     409-658-8766


J.D. Knight Construction, LLC             409-749-4504

Jenkins Construction, Inc.                  409-860-4460

Jimmy Ellis Construction, LLC             409-384-6506

JT&I Custom Homes, LLC                   409-782-6766

Just Construction                              409-769-2402


King Homes                                      409-751-0171

Kinsmen Homes, LLC                        888-880-8732



L&M New Construction, LLC               409-998-5986

Lindy Dennis Construction, Ltd.          409-656-8029

Little Investments                             409-892-8443



Mark Williams Home Builders             409-860-5999

Mike Johnson Homes                         409-735-3729



Nichols Company                              409-860-3227


Oldbury Homebuilders, Inc.               409-745-2179


RTC Homes                                      409-782-6766


Shelander Homes                             409-454-7349


Trademark Homes                             409-893-5656

TriTex Builders, LLC                           409-242-7797

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