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2021-2023 Texas Residential Construction Contracts Package


Published: 09/01/2021     Expires: 08/31/2023

The newest version of the Texas Association of Builders (TAB) Residential Construction Contracts package is now available for purchase only to TAB builder/remodeler members. You will want to take advantage of these documents as they are the blueprint for typical construction and remodeling transactions in the state of Texas. Unlike other contracts packages, TAB’s package reflects the most recent laws coming out of the 2021 Texas Legislative Session. In addition, the 2021-2023 contracts have had an extensive amount of additions and enhancements, the most in comparison to previous years, so it is imperative to use the updated package.


Texas Association of Builders’ Contracts Package subscription is available to TAB Builder members for only $399.99 (plus tax). It’s your blueprint for typical construction and remodeling transactions in the State of Texas. In addition to reflecting new legislative mandates, the new package includes more additions and enhancements that ever before to the various contracts and agreements, including:

►  Disclosure Provisions

►  Materials Escalation Clause

►  Termination by Builder Procedures

►  Arbitration Provisions

►  Insurance Requirements

►  Definition of Construction Costs

Furthermore, the package will include a NEW legislatively mandated Public Improvement District (PID) notice and a NEW addendum regarding heating and cooling equipment.  Members will find that the updated contracts are clearer and more comprehensive than ever.  Additionally, the Change Review Group, which is tasked with updating the Express Home Warranty, has amended that important document to better reflect current building practices and updated standards.

Usage Notice: The 2021 - 2023 Texas Residential Construction Contracts documents expire 8/31/2023. Beginning 9/1/2023 the new 2023 - 2025 documents, with all the legislative and regulatory updates, will need to be purchased and implemented on all new projects.

TAB’s contracts package and related addenda are a fantastic value and can save you thousands of dollars in legal fees. The subscription includes any needed updates that may occur during the two-year cycle. Purchase your two-year subscription at now.

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