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The HBASET has many great committees that help keep the association relevant and involved. Find what works for you and get involved today! HBASET members have a voice in the direction of the association through committee participation.


Responsible for helping the HBASET staff in the coordinating of the monthly meetings and arranging for programs appropriate to the stated goals of the association.


Committee works with the HBASET staff to oversee the monthly newsletter. The members determine the article content of each newsletter, solicit article submission from members, and encourage member advertising.


An annual tournament, funds used to sponsor the Political Action Committee and other programs that benefit the association. 


Committee members work with HBASET members coordinating events that produce proceeds to benefit local charities.


Responsible for fundraising for the legislative efforts of the Association that help support political campaigns of those who are likely to make decisions that would benefit the association's interests.


Responsible for the recruitment and retention of members of the association. Committee also works with HBASET staff in coordinating of the Annual Membership Drive.   

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